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Jumble Road

An out-of-the-box landing page about a local card game made by two friends in covid. With a webshop to order the game. Keywords: Adventurous, fun, warm and colourful.
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Base Creatives

A website about a new and innovative digital agency. With emphasis on modern design, intriguing imagery and thoughtful creation. Keywords: Adaptive, Modern, Intriguing, moving and fun
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Janssen de Jong

Janssen de Jong Bouw believes in the new way of building where the user's needs are central. They prioritize building the best solution together with the client, based on a good customer relationship. The company is located in four different cities in the Netherlands and is one of the larger construction companies. Janssen de Jong Bouw takes responsibility for the entire design and construction process, including day-to-day management, exploitation, and architecture. They practice Design & Build and are part of JAJO.
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CX Pay

With CX Pay, merchants can now easily accept payments from any location, providing them with the freedom and convenience they need.
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